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Tom Bienkowski
As a REALTOR, Tom's clients have described him as having a high level of intergrity,  responsive,  dedicated  and a pleasure to work with. He also possesses a high degree of Information Technology, marketing  and communication skills which enable his real estate activities. Tom specializes in single family residences, investment properties and is an active real estate investor and landlord.  Tom is also a proud father of two children, a cat and a Rescue dog named Jagger (who's story is below).

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Jill was the impetus behind As soon as you meet her you'll recognize her vibrant personality, intelligence, work ethic and love for animals.  It was Jill's desire to help animals and match pets with homeowners that was the driving force behind PAWS Homes and the PAWS Foundation which is a 501-3C non-profit organization which she is in the process of establishing.  Jill has a dog and two cats. Below you can read more about her dog (Zuri) and cat (Oliver) - both RESCUE animals.

Jill Craft
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Hi! My name is Zuri! I am part Basenji and part Corgi and Zuri is an African name which means “Beautiful”. 
My Mom and Dad say they started this website because I am an inspiration to them.  They think I am the most beautiful puppy that walks this earth but I think they are the most wonderful parents that I could have in the world!
I cannot remember too much from when I was a baby. I remember being surrounded by loud noises, alarms going off which were ear piercing and being sprayed by a water hose for a laugh. That is why I am afraid of hoses and water and house alarms sounding today...   Read  my whole story.
Hi! My name is Oliver Wendell aka “The Mouse”!My story is quite simple. I had 11 brothers and sisters and we all came from Boston. We were left by our original owners in an alley way on the outer banks of Boston until a kind human brought all of us to the Humane Society in downtown Boston. We all were in a kennel together and it was warm and we ate food twice a day. We even were given a different colored collar to differentiate us to the sweet people coming in to adopt us. Mine was bright purple and I think that is why my Mom picked me! She tells me it is because of my long whiskers!  
I am so happy now living with her and my sister Zuri and brother Marshall in a cozy house in Connecticut. Much nicer than living in the City! I can actually...Read my whole story.
Oliver Wendell (aka The Mouse)
Woof! My name’s Jagger. I’m a border collie mix. I must say that I’ve had an interesting life thus far. After being abandoned at an animal shelter in Georgia, to my great surprise, I was fostered by none other than “Santa Claus” and lived at the North Pole! Then one day an "elf on a shelf" named Raymond came to Santa and said a beautiful little girl wanted a dog for Christmas. Santa thought I would be perfect and the next thing I knew, Raymond and I were whisked off to temporary foster home in CT. There, a wonderful women named Leyla and her family, took care of me until a few days before Christmas when Raymond and I showed up on the front steps of that little girl’s home! I’ve been told that I was the best Christmas present that year. But I think it was I who received the greatest gift ever – a forever home with a loving family.  
So if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, please consider Tom and Jill. They will donate a portion of their real estate commission to an animal shelter/charity of your choice in an effort to help the animals and ultimately place them in loving homes like mine.